About BuQais Trading Company BSCC

BuQais Trading Company was established in 2009 as a closed Bahraini Shareholding Company owned by Mr. Mohamed BuQais and his family.

The Company is involved in three main areas:

Salon and Beauty Supplies
Real Estate ownership and Mangement
Salon and Beauty Supplies Division       logo1.jpg

In addition to the ownership and management of Dinora Rivera Beauty Salon and Spa, we provide a full range of salon and spa products catering for the everyday needs of Beauty Salons. We strive to offer quality products at competitive prices.

Maintenence Division    

We provide maintenence and repair services. Electrical, Plumbing, Tile fixing, Painting.

Real Estate Division

This division caters for the company’s and the owners real estate assets in terms of management of the assets, maintenance and trading.

Board of Directors:

Mohamed A. BuQais, Chairman and Managing Director
Dana Mohamed BuQais, Vice Chairman

Reem Mohamed BuQais, Member

Dalia Mohamed BuQais, Member

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