Solingen Cuticle Nipper

B.D. 3.000

From BuQais


SKU 16


Product Features: Brand: SolingenType: Manicure,Pedicure. 
 SilverMaterial: Stainless Steel.
This is Stainless Steel cuticle cutter nipper nail art clipper.
Trim dead skin,cuticle hangnail.
Made of high quality stainless steel,durable enough
for your daily using.
With stainless steel,it will not rust.
Made of stainless steel which assures a long lasting 
cutting edge.
Sharp edge, can cut the toughest of nails with the
minimum effort .
Has a double spring for greater accuracy,comfort and
smoother mechanism.
Stylish and perfect craftmanship offer you a best daily appliance.
ideal for home use,Spa's and Salons. 


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